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Encounter一词通常被用来形容一个意外的或者是意料之外的遭遇。一个encounter 可以是一个奇怪的谈话、一个挑战性的情境、一个不寻常的事件或者是任何不同寻常的体验。这种遭遇可能是积极的,也可能是消极的,但通常来说都是非正式或未安排的。人们经常会在日常生活中遇到encounter, 有时候甚至是没有预料过的。


1. I had a strange encounter with a stranger on the bus this morning.

2. Our hiking adventure led us to an unexpected encounter with a bear.

3. The business meeting turned into an uncomfortable encounter with my ex-boyfriend.


  1. She encountered a lot of difficulties while working on the project.
  2. We encountered a group of dolphins while boating in the bay.
  3. My encounter with the famous author was a highlight of my trip.
  4. The encounter with the grizzly bear left us all shaken but unharmed.
  5. After his encounter with the ghost, Tom couldn’t sleep for a week.
  6. Do you think we’ll encounter any problems during our trip?
  7. You never know who you’ll encounter at a party.
  8. The encounter with the art exhibit was a transformative experience.
  9. Our encounter with the homeless man made us feel more grateful for what we have.
  10. He was lucky to have encountered such a kind stranger when he lost his wallet.



Encounters can be awe-inspiring experiences or unpleasant ones. They are a part of our daily lives, and whether good or bad, they add color and depth to our existence. We will continue encountering all sorts of things, and we will learn and grow from them.


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